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Instructions: Intuitive Action Through obedience

Instructions: Intuitive Action Through obedienceNow an angel of the Lord said to Philip, “Go south to the road- the desert road- that goes down from Jerusalem to Gaza.” (Acts 8:26 NIV)


Philip was intuitive to God’s instructions. He’s a perfect example. Through his obedience, great signs and wonders were at work. People were delivered from evil spirits. Paralytics and cripples were healed. Great joy settled in Samaria. Interesting to note, signs and wonders were taking place in a city not looked upon favorably. Jews felt they were heretics.


When we’re faithful with little, God begins to trust us with much. Philip had disciplined himself to be trusted. Imagine if ignored instructions to go south on the desert road, the Ethiopian eunuch may never had full understanding. Philip helped him understand the good news about Jesus, and baptized him with water.


Obedience to God’s Word takes us down paths leading to God’s righteousness. On this path, divine appointments are forthcoming. Those we learn from and those who learn from us. It’s a lifetime of give and take. My life today could be void of so many wonderful individuals. I was so upset with God’s provisions for me. How could His will be so far removed from my own version of God’s will. I felt God did not understand me at all. Even though I find this funny today. This is where many struggle. It was not God misunderstanding me- it was me, misunderstanding God.


Individuals struggle to the point of missing fullness of life, due to foregoing God’s instructions. Refusing to listen to God’s instructions, leads to paths linked together with worldly influence. Once engulfed with worldly influence,   conviction is numbed, sin indulgence becomes a way of life. Sadly, wages of sin is death. Satan is eager to make this happen. He loves nothing more than to steal, kill, and destroy.


A contrast in outcomes seen today. Be obedient to God’s instructions like Philip- being an instrument of signs and wonders or allow struggle to defeat rather than draw one closer to God. If we take struggles, drawing closer to God, He will help set us free. This reminds me of the song…where the Spirit of the Lord, there is freedom. Ready for freedom today? No matter where this blog finds you- God is waiting for you- always.

Be encouraged!

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