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Considerate…Are We A Nation That Cares?

Considerate...Are We A Nation That Cares?Do nothing from selfish ambition or conceit, but in humility count others more significant than yourselves. (Philippians 2:3 ESV)


Motivating Monday! Do individuals drink more coffee on Monday morning? If so, today is great to discuss heart to heart matters. How well do we treat other people? I sat in a school assembly this past Friday, leaving without a friendly smile to the person to my right. I left with a heavy heart. Why did I not make a point to say hello and introduce myself? This is not my general nature, usually I do attempt to spread a smile. When not thinking of others, we are normally indulged in our own thoughts, about self. When I fail to be considerate of others, I fail to teach my children to love others.


If I act aloof about something- 9/10 times I honestly do not know. In what I’d like to think I have gained in spiritual maturity, I question myself as I type…is it I’ve become really good at avoidance. I avoid being around people, withdrawing to keep my peace and sanity. In that one time I interact, I stand amazed. In a span of 10 minutes yesterday, I heard three different situations…concluding in key words towards each action: tacky, shameful, and ridiculous. In each situation, hurtful actions happened toward another person.


I realize ages span with readers of this blog, yet, we need to remember…our children learn to treat others, by our example. Thoughtless, insensitive individuals, lack considerate actions of love. With Christ being my foundation to love others, I am able to look past hurt, insecure all the way towards arrogant people who show no sense of care how they treat others. Their actions trend down through generations.

Good Question…

Until Jesus gains our trust, turning our hearts and minds toward Him, can we gain this perspective of treating others with respect, being considerate. I mean really caring how we treat others. In the south, we smile while harboring ill will at the same time. I desire for Christians, especially, to grasp God’s desire for treating others. Are we a nation that has stopped caring? Good question…

Be encouraged!

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