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Word- God’s Word, Meant For Daily Life

Word- God's Word, Meant For Daily LifeHe said to them, “You are the ones who justify yourselves in the eyes of men, but God knows your hearts. What is highly valued among men is detestable in God’s sight.”(Luke 16:15 NIV) 


Have you ever felt tugged between two components? My feeling yesterday was tugged between two competitors- satan trying to bring me down and God trying to lift me up. I want to be like King David crying out and then I am amazed with exciting moments of the day. The heaviness of our heart, The Holy Spirit working extra to comfort, to council, to speak truth. The truth is…God’s Word is true. What is written in God’s Word, is to be applied to our daily life.

Inner Struggle

For me, I saw a small group of women and thought – why do I feel so on the outside? This is for men, too. I do not think this is limited to women. God’s Word says…we are set apart. We live in this world, yet, we are not part of this world. As the enemy kept pushing me into negative feelings- God showed me how being set apart is wonderful interacting with many. Think about it…do we want to be lights to a few or do we want to be lights to a darkened world? Not only lights- be salt of the earth. So many have lost their saltiness, making truth bland- tossing it aside.


I am thankful to be the clay and not the potter. God knows best, he truly knows people and their tender hearts. He knows exactly how to mold and make us into His image, toning down strengths perfect for God’s purpose. Sad to think how many actions for Christ are silent. Many times we believe perceptions as true. Perceptions are very dangerous. They are individuals who like to value/disvalue people by their own measuring stick. Truth be known, this person is one who feels less valued.


Why be light? Why be salt? The dark stumps movement- trip and fall are possibilities. Why go bland becoming neither cold or hot? Scripture is meant to be part of our everyday life. When satan tries to take us down- God’s Word will keep us grounded and take us higher. Gaining God’s perspective settles tug of war. We win!

Be encouraged!

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