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Failure…Faltering Attitudes, Choose Faith

Failure...Faltering Attitudes, Choose FaithNow faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen. (Hebrews 11:1 ESV)


Attitudes seem to be carrying over in my thoughts. The attitude I dealt with yesterday was my own feeling of failure. As I ponder this failure feeling, one I’ve been confident to avoid thinking- is a feeling many experience. It’s like we’ve been given this most amazing gift, yet, look at it from afar…stumped. We see clearly through gift, understanding contents inside. What will it take to make a giant leap of faith, to gain confidence in owning the gift?

Leaps of Faith

I’ll never forget a friend who said to me, “Vicki, you never thought you would be blogging.” She was so right…the thought of stepping into an unknown territory, took a giant leap of faith. Taking giant leaps from one side to the other in itself takes courage. Leaps of faith takes trusting God in what is unseen. Christianity is not about taking only one giant leap of faith. Giant leaps of faith are necessary throughout our lifetime. Sometimes, it’s baby steps building stronger faith. Every new season circumstances change, making adjustments as we go.


I love blogging, connecting with each one. When I never wanted this ministry to be about me, my most trusted editor friend says- my experiences had to be applied to be relatable. I am human, hear my cry…ok- I am woman, hear my roar! Yes, second one is the sound of determination, exactly what we need. Yesterday, my need for another giant leap of faith, simply found me staring at the distance. As the enemy screams Failure…I’m reminded, it was only Tuesday with three more days to keep trying.


With societal confusion worsening each day, we can no longer stare into the distance. We cannot be slumbering or indifferent. Eternity is real- it’s heaven or hell. Salvation is vital. Trusting God when asked to take giant leaps of faith is most important in fulfilling our purpose. Let’s not accept the devil’s taunts of failure, causing our attitude to falter. As I often share…”Attitude determines altitude.”

Be encouraged!

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