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Americans: Finding Refuge From Societal Confusion

Americans: Finding Refuge in Societal ConfusionOne thing I ask of the Lord, that is what I seek: that I may dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of my life, to gaze upon the beauty of the Lord and to seek him in his temple. (Psalm 27:4 NIV)


Motivating Monday! We find ourselves asking Jesus for lots of things. I know there is little importance in the scheme of life if i get a close parking spot or not. Pondering….Am I using a life-line for a meaningless desire. There are world concerns and more dire needs on the home front. America needs prayers from dear friends around the world. There is an attempt to undermine good- which is nothing new. This is satan’s game plan since his displacement from the Heavenly realm.


When modern day witches are on your side- it’s time to open eyes to reality. To undermine good- one wishing for control becomes threatened as work to dismantle American strength in the last eight years is being stopped. A new President standing for the American people who believe in hard work, earning our own way. Sadly, there are Americans drinking the cool-aid, thinking a take over of America for their own deceptiveness- is impossible. Seems the former president and his 14 member staff have all positive motivations- on the surface. It’s really something when individuals elevate themselves to such height in their own eyes- living out of touch with reality. This is easy to see with politics.


With so much evil in this world- It’s wonderful to see all the good happening. The Church may struggle, yet, Catholics still value sanctity of life, Southern Baptist still teaching God’s Word, Methodist still serving strong, and the Assembly of God/Evangelicals – still strong teachings of the Holy Spirit. When we combine all these denominations, we have unity working together as the body of Christ. Lutherans are here in unified efforts, as well. Compare wonderful happenings in these churches- with societal confusion…it’s easy to ask the Lord this one thing.

One Thing…

One thing that we seek dwelling in the house of the Lord all our days. By doing this we gaze upon the beauty of the Lord and seek Him in His temple. This my friend is what we do escaping into a quiet zone/prayer room. Begin praising God, entering into prayer…as we seek Jesus, He will be found. A promise He has made when we seek, we find. And this sounds mighty peaceful to me. How about you?

Be encouraged!

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