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Basic Truths- Bringing Awareness to Deception

Basic Truths- Bringing Awareness to DeceptionHe must increase, but I must decrease. (John 3:30 ESV)


Motivating Monday! Motivation to help bring awareness to deception. The above verse has been a popular phrase quoted often. It’s very basic and easy to understand. God must increase, we must decrease. When living this principle, God is able to enlarge His purposes through us. As long as pride does not rise, God will trust us with more and more. When rejected, insecurities, fear, or pure ignorance rises in individuals from trusting in the one-true God.


The world says- Be your own god or this is camouflaged as sin justified into be who you think you are- not who God created you to be. As Biblical Truth is rejected, self is elevated. This is exactly opposite of God’s Word. As with any deception, the devil takes God’s Word and twists in lies to deceive. This spirit of deceiving others is like a weed trying to break through concrete. Concrete foundations in businesses, universities, and churches are being attacked by this left movement justifying sin and trying to force their agenda in these areas. Perfect example (promise intent is not to upset anyone- yet, this is deception just like 5lbs I gained last week at ballparks) is the new student body president at Texas A&M, one of the most conservative grounded universities. As one comment went- he was selected, not elected. When story is read, this movement found reason to disqualify his opponent. Any time any of us try to force our own agenda opposite of God’s Word- we’re out for increasing self, not decreasing for God’s purpose to increase.


There are other slogans coming to mind: Just Say No to Drugs, This is your brain on drugs- the egg sizzling on the hot skillet. We need national slogans back in place. Simple- basic words, with powerful messages. God- you must increase, I must decrease. Imagine if we all lived by this principle? Increasing Word knowledge, wisdom, and understanding…the more we read God’s Word, more we’ll grow into maturity; knowing difference between truth vs. deception.


Basic truths are simple, hard to digest when pushing one’s own agenda. Extremes can be far and wide on personal agendas opposing God’s Word. They are in fact opposing God’s Word- which means rejecting God. When rejecting God- Jesus and The Holy Spirit are also rejected.  A very serious situation to be in- reminds me Revelation 3:15. God says better to be cold or hot, luke warm is spewed out of His mouth. I pray nothing will ever cause me to be rejected by Jesus in such a way- prayer for any of us to not overrule basis truths for one’s own sake of flesh taking control- being deceived. The pull of satan is a strong force…God is stronger, use God’s strength to fight against self fulfillment. Remember…He must increase, we must decrease.

Be encouraged!

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