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Stand Firm! Missouri is Safe Traveling!

Stand Firm! Missouri is Safe Traveling!Therefore take up the whole armor of God, that you may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand firm. (Ephesians 6:13 ESV)

Moving Forward!

Forward Friday! Many are moving right into the new school year. Wow! I was shocked to see kiddos heading back to school this week. May our Lord, Jesus Christ protect all schools and know that He walks in with every believer. Jesus is in public schools as He is in private schools. Only difference, individuals represent Jesus in public school, the overall ruling body of private Christian schools is Jesus Christ. Our area is blessed with successful home-school organizations. Here in Missouri, we have lots to be proud and thankful. Hard working individuals make our schools work.


When schools work- communities work, communities work- states work, states work- country works. The enemy is at the root of every divisive individual or group. The warning against our state by this organization is absurd. The only people to be concerned are criminals who have not been caught. You are safe to travel in Missouri. This was likely none other this group making good on a threat. They did not like a bill the governor signed. Interesting, we are discussing need to stand…in schools, sports, businesses, government, social gatherings whenever we know it’s time to stand firm.


My daughter had a few friends over celebrating her birthday and I felt led to tell each one what I liked about their friendships- love all her friends, yet we always have a core who are closer to heart. I like that they stand strong- determined who they are, what they believe, and not be swayed by who they are around. Going into 8th grade is an opening for personalities to change, friendships veer different directions, and convictions either become concrete or sunk in sand. My daughter felt I was very inspirational, may they stand firm for days and years ahead. We may not realize impact of future leaders in our midst.

Stand Firm

Government or Jr. high- foundations form during childhood, although, possible to have changed hearts as adults. Young children grow to be adults who are taking jobs, running for positions who determine direction for our communities, states, and country. Anyone who cannot see good our POTUS or Governor are doing, I believe satan has blinded, fed lies, and foundations never became concrete. When foundations in Christ are solidified, we’re able to stand firm, learning to walk in Christ’s love by seeking Jesus daily.

Be encouraged!

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