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Steps Taken- Seeking Jesus, Finding Best Way

Steps Taken- Seeking Jesus, Finding Best WayThe steps of a man are established by the Lord, And he delights in his way. (Psalm 37:23 ESV)


Motivating Monday! School will start in our area later this week. Our two children will begin a week later. Thankfully, we’ll have our oldest home a few days before he heads back for fall semester. He has been working hard with an internship and taking eight hours this summer. I hope one thing I’ll be remembered for is loving to be a mom. Yet, I am “that” mom. My oldest did not necessarily like it as a youngster and most definitely not as a teen, yet, this child soars with discipline and maturity. First born children are naturally leaders, bless them- first time parents are in a learning curve with every new phase.


A wonderful sermon I heard yesterday. Peter is a well-known Bible figure. Interesting our pastor pointed out that it was his brother Andrew who invited Peter to come see Jesus. Isn’t this grand to consider…we heard very little about Andrew from that point forward. Thankful for all lessons Peter teaches us. God has a way of using steps linking to greater purposes or purpose at hand. Large and small ways, being trusted by God for the simplest or more grand task is an honor. When God can trust us with little, He will trust us with more.


Though God trusts us, it’s never our timing. God’s timing is perfect, He is our promoter. Being “that” mom, we trust Jesus for every step- it’s hard when we see a child ready for promotion and wrong to force the issue ourselves. Sadly, our eyes are limited. God’s eyes are all-seeing. He knows all- sees all. He will speak to us, when stopping to regroup. Thankful God is our redeemer. He will redeem wrong roads taken, when taking steps back to realign. Never good to keep going the wrong way. Isn’t interesting, with a few exceptions, children emulate their parents, especially during jr. high-first years in high school. If we do not want to see our children do something, let’s self-check to see if we are setting a good example to follow.


It’s not easy being parents, Yet, God has inspired a parenting book- The Bible. Anything we need to find direction, God has  set boundaries. We acknowledge and choose God’s way. His way is always best and following His ways- most direct path to any advancement in life. Let’s be motivated to seek Jesus, His ways taking steps ordained by him. Most assured, God will be delighted!

Be encouraged!

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