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Perceive It! God Is Doing A New Thing! If…

Perceive It! God Is Doing A New Thing! If...“Forget the former things; do no dwell on the past. See, I am doing a new thing! Now, it springs up, do you not perceive it?” (Isaiah 43: 18 NIV)

Forward Friday!

An exciting knowledge to acquire, God does not want us dwelling on the past. He wishes to do new things in our lives. We must be able to perceive it to make happen, placing a little pep to our steps…moving forward!


Imagine if everyone grasped this truth, we’d come close to living in Utopia. Sadly, if things of the past are not forgotten, dwelling prohibits the mind’s ability to perceive new things. As this happens, any person being targeted in one’s dwelling has long moved forward in their lives. This leaves one in a bottomless pit over time.


How does one stop dwelling? We have to let go of all bitterness, offenses, envy, strife, jealousy, and unforgiveness. Let it go! These are all heavy weights that wears a person down and stops God from being able to do new things in our lives. The devil loves to see people dwell, this normally leads to depression and then oppression. As everyone else is living life, this person is placed in worst position for the devil to isolate and grip with defeating issues.


We’ve all been dealt a card or two here (maybe more), yet, we have to make a conscious decision- when given God’s Word, dwell or perceive new things God can do in our lives. Thankfully, years ago I made this conscious decision after studying Beth Moore’s Breaking Free. This is a vicious cycle the devil wants to place people in. Thing is…the cycle never ends, until this conscious decision is made- with God’s help, and He is more than willing to help each one break free. Jesus came that we may have life more abundant- not deceived letting satan steal, kill, and destroy.

New Things

Shout from the mountain high or the valley low…if we believe in Jesus, make Him Lord. It’s time to perceive God is doing a new thing, no longer dwell on the past. Forgive, forget, forward we go!

Be encouraged! Let’s share new things happening! On my website’s home page, there is a place to share a testimony. Anything God is doing new in your life- share and encourage everyone stopping by to read. Thank you!

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