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Underestimating: Finding Ourselves Unprepared

Underestimating: Finding Ourselves UnpreparedFor it is time for judgment to begin with the family of God, and it begins with us, what will the outcome be for those who do not obey the gospel of God? (1 Peter 4:17 NIV)


It’s easy underestimating situations when trusting sight and foregoing wise words. Take Inga’s Snow storm moving across America. Last week we had 63 degree weather one day, turning to 19 degrees the next night. It was hard to imagine a coatless day changing so drastically. I’m reminded this is exactly the way with the world. Unless growing in Word knowledge, leading to wisdom and understanding, it’s hard for anyone to believe one day…the world as we know will change.


Take a world where non-believing individuals and escalating numbers within churches are underestimating a God who is part wrath. God is love and God is wrath. He is a Father who disciplines His children. Who are his children? Those who are aligning with God’s righteousness, no longer seeking sin. Sadly, more in the church are justifying sin and weakening scripture to soften consciousnesses. Recently, I found it funny to be called devout, appreciating my thoughts. I love the Lord, want to do God’s will, spent years maturing while studying God’s Word…this is not anything special. This is what we are all called to do- as children of God.

Be Prepared

How many people were/are unprepared for Inga, underestimating the power of this winter storm? I’ve been traveling. The night we left, we were outrunning freezing ice. Traveling to our destination was the easy part, getting back home a different story. This storm moves across every point we’ve been from Southeast Missouri, Southern IL, Western KY, across TN, and into central NC…I’ve noticed unprepared people. The same with those underestimating Biblical Truth. There will be a day and hour, scripture says will be like a thief in the night. Will we be ready?


Instead of facing the outcome for not obeying God’s Word, lets take it to heart today…ask Jesus to help us understand scripture and read for ourselves. Every individual will face judgment. Scripture states God will welcome those saying, “Well done, thy good and faithful servant.” Or- God will say, “I never knew you.” Let’s not be deceived thinking God’s Word is bluff. God’s Word is true and each one will be held accountable. Find a solid church in your area, a trusted pastor who preaches truth and not pushing personal agenda. It’s the church where judgment begins. How can we take Truth to the world, if Truth is being dismissed and the body of Christ misguided? Lord, help us all to be diligent with your Word, allowing Truth to prevail.

Be encouraged!

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