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Traditions, Keeping and Tossing, Avoiding Deception

Traditions, Keeping and Tossing, Avoiding DeceptionSee to it that no one takes you captive through hollow and deceptive philosophy, which depends on human tradition and the basic principles of this world rather than on Christ. (Colossians 2:8 NIV)


I treasure traditions, however, we cannot allow traditions to define necessary changes. There is a wealth of knowledge to gain transforming hearts and minds to be more like Christ. We are called to imitate Christ, to be the hands and feet of Jesus in this world. If every person acknowledging their confession of faith, for Jesus to be Lord of their life, take their spiritual journey sincere…a mass movement would be happening….more actions like Christ and less of the world.

Keep and Toss

My family returned Monday night from vacation. While vacationing in Destin, FL, I recalled many traditions we’ve had over the years. Yesterday, along with a week’s worth of dirty laundry, we have our oldest home with all his college items. Cleaning through what is needed for next year and what needs tossed is very effective for quick order. Have I mentioned- how great it is to have our oldest home? Keeping and tossing…laundering clean clothing, and all other items such as bags, coats, shower curtain…a fresh and fulfilling task for order.

Sad Reality…

I would love to see same keep and toss actions for corrupt lobbyist and established politicians who play politics by old traditions…I’ll pat your back, you pat mine. When our Missouri Governor enforced politicians could only purchase lobbyist a cup of coffee…fire breathed, beginning vengeance against him. They played dirty and did not mind smearing his wife in the process. More people are aware of the Roseanne Show being canceled- because she made a derogatory comment…while other shows have been far worse, making this mistake daily. We cannot allow principles of this world…which are worsening, take control over principles of Christ.


There is an under-lying fierce battle happening in America- good vs. evil. If you’ve been against our President…really reflect on good/order he has brought back to America, same as our governor was doing in Missouri. God says vengeance is mine…we can trust God is in control. When God changes our path to be more like Him…changing traditions- like a family’s political standing, is necessary to align with actions more Biblically based- which offers greater objectives for all people. Beware of hollow and deceptive philosophy, considering how human traditions and basic principles of this world are trying to take captive every willing person. Sadly, when this happens…people trying to do good/what is right are victimized.  The best we can do…avoid being deceived. Constantly self-check to make sure no contrary viewpoints over ride, God’s Word. Knowing God’s Word is key.

Be encouraged!

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