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Purge…Recognizing Need To Remove & Clean

Purge...Recognizing Need To Remove & CleanAvoid godless chatter, because those who indulge in it will become more and more ungodly. Their teaching will spread gangrene. Among them are Hymenaeus and Philetus who have wondered away from the Truth. (2 Timothy 2:16-18 NIV)

Forward Friday!

We do not know Hymenaeus or Philetus, yet, powerful impact they made to be listed in scripture. Sadly, not for a good reason. They are two examples who became more and more ungodly. Which list would we land, good- staying true to scripture or bad – becoming more ungodly? If each person takes this question serious, real assessments of how far a person can turn away from God’s Word checks reality. For every inch the world has taken space in our minds, hearts, and souls…time to purge.


The beginning of summer, children’s closets are cleared of outgrown clothing and nonessential items. When my mother would say we were turning the house upside down…I now understand. My daughter and one of her friends decided to clean out her closet. A good thing…it’s hard for me to depart from items with special childhood memories. Two bags are being donated and two bags thrown away. I’m like…are you sure nothing is in there to keep? She assured me- no. We re-decorate bedrooms the summer before high school begins. Everything in her room will go. If local and interested in a beautiful trundle let me know. I became inspired and began cleaning out the pantry. Ahh…purging, a re-energized charge in the end. However, pure chaos in the process.


There is chaos in societal confusion. Many Americans are left confused on what to believe. Journalist have reported false information- cardinal ethical violation. People tell lies without conviction of wrong doing. Young teens with promising futures start alcohol and vaping as young as 8th grade. I keep hearing parents do not care- this cannot possibly be true. My heart is heavy for families. I’ve questioned this past school year- do parents want to know? We cannot leave individuals who become ungodly, they become more and more ungodly, adding worse. Jesus said there would be days like this. Thankfully, for those who choose good…we’ll be re-energized, new bodies and all! Heaven will be amazing!

Desiring God’s Best

Lord, open eyes to see, open ears to hear, soften hearts to understand…chaos, confusion, sin, more and more ungodly…all satan’s tricks to keep us from not only God’s best, yet, gripped to eternal hell. Moving forward, it’s definitely time to purge. May we all unite in prayer for our youth, parents, and God’s will to be done. What do you need to purge? Asking myself same-

Be encouraged!

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