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Wisdom…Who Needs? Who’s Willing to Ask?

Wisdom...Who Needs? Who's Willing to Ask?If any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask God, who gives generously to all without reproach, and it will be given him. (James 1:5 ESV)

Pure Joy?

Love the line up in James 1, first informing us to consider trials of many kinds as pure joy, because testing our faith will produce perseverance/steadfastness. After explaining once steadfastness is fully developed, perfect and complete, we’ll need nothing. Now…this is amazing and might be hard to believe. Remember reaching a real pivotal point- in a game, working a puzzle, career moves- understanding becomes clear. Same here with God’s inspiration working through James. Now, need for wisdom was written.


When I first studied James, I was an adult in Sunday School class early in our marriage. Imagine…moving from home, what seemed ripped from my home church- not really. I can look back, it sure was my warm, snuggly blanket. God was moving me during this season and experiencing more trials than I’ve ever thought possible, hard to grasp trails as joyful. Fast forward twenty years and I sit here writing, thinking about the day I’ve had…meaningless trials endured, yet bless one of our baseball families who had a few mishaps. Thankfully, at the end of day, all worked out. Wish this could be said of all trials.


In midst of every trial, God is working within us developing perseverance and increasing faith. Jesus Christ, He gives wisdom generously without reproach- no questions asked, because when God gives wisdom, we begin thinking smarter, and results change for the better.

Moving Forward!

In the world we live…wisdom is vital in every decision made. Deception/devil is scheming constantly seeing who he can devour- and he is going hard after God’s heavy weights. If testimonies can become tainted, the devil thinks God’s people will turn against. Of course, this has happened many times. And…there is a need for repentance. No matter what has been done, God promises- no reproach. Every person, especially Christians….imagine if we trusted Jesus more, ask God for wisdom- receiving a generous supply, and loving more…what a change in our world can happen. It’s possible! Let’s move forward, go ahead…ask!

Be encouraged!

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