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American: Strong, Courageous Vs. Frightened, Dismayed

American: Strong, Courageous Vs. Frightened, Dismayed“Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be frightened, and do not be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.” (Joshua 1:9 ESV)

Motivating Monday! 

Joshua 1:9 is a well known Bible verse. The story of Jericho’s walls falling by God’s instructions to Joshua. We learn these stories early on in church. However, the book of Joshua is filled with much more and timing is impeccable to be studied in BSF. As the promise land was for the Israelites, American individuals are born free in our own land.


Our forefathers set a check and balance system, along with the Constitution to keep order in our country. No reason to rehash the top democrats scheme against Kavanough. Seems every time good trumps evil…evil comes back with a vengeance. Thankfully, we know Jesus won this battle on the cross. God is all powerful, Jesus is interceding, and The Holy Spirit is our teacher, counselor, and Spirit of Truth. Simply ask Jesus when societal confusion becomes too much. Test spirits- those who deny Jesus Christ are not of God.

Spiritual Warfare

Until Jesus returns, we’re forced to deal with Spiritual Warfare. Watch out not to be deceived, when lines on Truth vs. Evil are clearly seen. This march coming from South America is orchestrated in order to distract Americans from President Trump’s extremely successful rallies with GOP candidates.

American- Growing Majority

What I sense, evil influence over many innocent victims who are likely being paid- having cell phones, not hurting from their appearances are taking evil to an entire new level, possibly hoping for a civil war- or what could be a Holy war- this is about good vs. evil. They will do whatever to control this country. It’s a bit like satan frantic and racing around knowing time is limited. The growing majority of American people are standing up against evil plans. President Trump will likely pick two more Super Court Justices and have control of House and Senate.


When this force is coming against our country- it’s time to protect our land. Throughout Joshua, God promised He would deliver pagan kings and all that belonged to them into their hands, wiping out entire cities and land, because this land was promised to the Israelites. America is saying no to failed immigration policy. The Democrats want open borders hoping to gain votes. Sad how little they value life, they do not care about anyone, except themselves. They do not care about babies. The top few have bullied their own party into their deception. I cannot help but think- there is more than one Democrat who disagrees with their schemes.


We need God’s direction, His hand in this situation, wisdom, knowledge, understanding as steps are taken to bring order into our country- it really is Jobs vs. Mobs, Order vs. Disorder, Understanding vs. Deception. Pray before voting and hear as God directs our steps, keeping us straight- not going left or turning right…straight in alignment with God. In order to know God’s way, we have to study God’s Word, know Scripture, staying alert.

Be encouraged!


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