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Goodness and Mercy…Will Follow All Our Days, If…

Goodness and Mercy...Will Follow All Our Days, If...Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life, and I shall dwell in the house of the Lord forever. (Psalm 23:6 ESV)

Forward Friday!

After a monumental week of remembering and memorials for President George H. W. Bush, I would love to see America move forward with renewed sense of values established in God’s principles. As one of the speakers related value to both their mothers. Parenting is vital to how children will respond to Biblical values in the home. Is the Lord, our shepherd? Psalms 23 is overused in funerals. We need to grasp Psalm 23 for victorious living. Trusting Jesus as our Shepherd, we can trust goodness and mercy will follow.


Yesterday, seeing my oldest saluting along George Bush avenue on the President’s last stretch, made it hard to contain my excitement for the honor bestowed upon not only my child, yet every Corps member. It was easy to identify our son’s group, because they wear red cords, earned as one of the most improved units last year. All I can think of is God’s goodness. This historical event, each one in place to honor President 41, will have monumental returns. Seeds of this great man, sown in each one. All over our country- ones waiting in line in DC, along the train route, and all watching from homes…I stand in awe of God’s goodness. How destined the President felt after his plane crash, nearing Japanese shores, a USA submarine surfaces and rescues him. God ordained, not by chance.


A favorite quote from this week: “Hatred erodes the container it’s carried in.” Hatred is rooted in many left idealist. We see it come out in television interviews, marches, removing historical statues- erasing history allows wrong to be repeated, and opposition to our constitution. Remembering back…Americans began rejecting values long ago, when Clinton beat Bush. We needed mercy, eight years of Clinton, our country took a moral nose dive. We almost did not have President George W. Bush…God’s goodness followed our days. Until…a false claim came in a speech about change. Change happened, only for the worse. Now again, we have hope. A new Fiat Chrysler factory is set to build in Detroit, MI. The latest news on rebuilding America, adding to all additional movements forward for Americans.


Economy needed attention, yet, may God redeem churches that have wondered from His Word. May they return to roots set long ago in their denominations…not looking to entertain, appease, or make comfortable, yet, preach Truth- turning individuals from sin, back to Christ. Understanding a need to have a personal relationship with Jesus through salvation. 

Sweet Promise

Between Psalms 23:1 and 23:6, we understand days are walked through the valley of the shadow of death, no evil will be feared, God is with us. His rod and staff will comfort us. Because, God is our shepherd, goodness and mercy will follow all of our days. And…we’ll dwell in the house of The Lord, forever. Let’s pray those in dire need of Jesus will read this blog- all over the world. The world has nothing compared to God’s goodness and mercy…sweet promise we can trust. Never know what God has planned for us!

Be encouraged!

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