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Strife Releases Every Evil Work…Be Aware

Strife Releases Every Evil WorkCreate in me a clean heart, O God, and renew a right spirit within me. (Psalm 51:10 ESV)

Heartfelt Wednesday!

I pray this prayer over me at least a few times during sport games. Although when I fail, like I did yesterday…the meditations of my heart and words of my mouth are not pleasing to God. My very high level trained daughter wants to play high school soccer for fun. This is hard for me to grasp. We can have personal issues like this one for me or troubled from discerning others speak or pray against our children. The competitive component is real- not just in sports…in every day life with people. One of my final refining tests years ago; two moms against me as PTO President. It’s power wanted at the core by removing competition.


If my child or their teammate is batting- I am praying for the batter to swing well, not against the opposing team pitcher. If our team is pitching, I am praying for the pitcher to pitch well, not against the batter. I never want the Lord to question my actions against another person. It is most important to show genuine kindness to all. As I am listening to very loud wind chimes- our neighbor’s back patio is close to my bedroom- I wonder if our dog barking offends them? I may need to ask- I cannot decide if chimes are delightful through the night or down right annoying.


We want to live in peace. What happens most do not realize- I did not until in my 30’s and James 3:16 (KJV) was brought to my attention: For where envying and strife is, there is confusion and every evil work. Therefore, every believer unfamiliar with this verse unknowingly invites every evil work when envying and strife exist. Yikes! We do not want this- must become aware of when envy or strife is about stir within, taking captive any contrary thought. It’s vital to study God’s Word, and apply to daily life. We work for peace, removing envy and strife.

Gaining God’s Directions

Join me in praying for our hearts- they are either most deceptive or a well spring of life. Water cannot flow if clogged by debris…unfiltered thoughts and actions. Envy and strife will block completely. Trust God- when situations like this happen, we pray and at times include fasting. Gaining God’s direction to take- never allow anyone to remove you or your child as competition. Ask God new route to take- keep up training and learning. In God’s perfect timing, we will prevail. All glory to God!

Be encouraged!


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