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Conformed or Transformed? Renewing Minds

Conformed or Transformed? Renewing MindsDo not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that by testing you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect. (Romans 12:2 ESV)

Forward Friday!

Wow! Moving forward from all societal confusion in our culture, by making a conscious decision- not to be conformed to this world. This is monumental- imagine active decisions all around…making a stand against being conformed to this world. Because…massive movements transforming are a reality, flipping from God honoring ethics to sin being accepted and cool.


How do we avoid being conformed? We become transformed by the renewing of our minds. What we are lured to think with our minds, actions are determined. Protecting/guarding our minds is vital in keeping ourselves from sinful situations. The demonic forces unseen, fuels the spread of activists justifying sin. Be it abortions, sexual sins, alcohol, drugs and even now the push for prescription medicines. Hallmark channel is one of my favorites! However, every commercial seems to be pushing some kind of mental or physical health problems, needing particular medicines. I stopped watching Oprah and Dr. Phil years ago and even Dance Moms today- why fill our minds with problems of other people? If we watch repeatedly, we’ll be thinking we have the problem.


Therefore, transform/guard our minds, like we do when dieting. Take active steps to refrain from allowing unhealthy or contrary to Scripture entering our minds/thoughts. The myth being a Christian is not fun…is exactly what the devil would like one to believe. When transformed, our minds…they are renewed fresh to receive from God- studying His Word, growing strength in wisdom, knowledge, and understanding. As this all takes place…renewing our minds…test by discerning God’s will.


A revelation came to me yesterday- the world and even Christians confuse God’s perfect will for Christians striving to be perfect. The world and those deceived, have minds congested, or completely misled conforming to the world and missing God’s good, acceptable, and perfect will. For those transformed, desiring to seek Jesus and strive for a God honoring life…it’s not about being perfect, it’s about pursuing God’s perfect will; which will appear to be living perfect to others. No one is perfect, yet, functioning in God’s perfect will gives this image…because there is such freedom, peace, and joy. Joy is important…the joy of the Lord, is our strength. Strength comes from God’s gift of joy. Yet, we have to have freedom…before can be joyful. All begins with transforming our minds; aligning with God’s good, acceptable and perfect will.

Be encouraged!

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