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God’s Kingdom Will Prevail! Division Will Not…

Furious? To Do Good or To Do Evil? Answer Is....If a kingdom is divided against itself, that kingdom will not stand. And if a house is divided against itself, that house will not be able to stand. (Mark 3:24, 25 ESV)

Motivating Monday!

This is definitely a motivating day to channel our thoughts toward how divisive the devil can really be- he’s not playing to be nice. Although, slick and enticing as his taunts can be, luring us into troubled areas- he is deceptive. Why is Beth Moore placing herself in a divisive position? The Southern Baptist have their doctrine as every Church. Why do other Christians go against Joel Osteen? The Inside Edition interview with Kenneth Copeland cut and pasted for their own deceptive intent. The devil will work through any person or organization to divide God’s Kingdom, when churches divide- this is dividing God’s Kingdom. As this happens…lost people remain lost, and new Christians needing discipleship are apt to fall away. And even ones who want a reason to sin- fall away.


Every church and denomination have set rules- most are Biblical and to various degrees, each have man made rules. How they each interrupt Scripture is also a variable. We have the freedom to choose what church we attend. If you do not like Southern Baptist’s stand against women being preachers, then go to a church that approves. The left had no problem finding their churches, and may have been their own church weak and choosing to ignore Scripture.


Beth Moore has been a very effective teacher of God’s Word. Why would she distract from her ministry to be now seen as an activist? Once I made heavy political remarks and two of my most trusted advisors called me on this- as I prayed, God reminded me my calling- He already has Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity. I joke often how I missed my calling as a lobbyist. This is how God takes our natural abilities and work for His good- our callings. We have to be very careful and guard our minds, by protecting our hearts from being deceptive. Beth Moore’s passion made her an amazing teacher for God’s Word, yet she has turned activist rather she realizes this or not…deceiving many.

God’s Kingdom

God’s Kingdom will prevail! However, a kingdom or house divided will not. Too many churches in our country have been left abandoned or sold for other purposes. I doubt too many arguments are over color of carpet or pew vs. chairs debate as the devil has moved to deeper attacks against God’s Word and a church united promoting Truth and God’s love. There are too many false religions, and deceived or unsaved individuals who need our attention vs. attacking an amazing President, and Southern Baptist where God’s Word is taught best to children.

Glory to God!

Where there are man-made rules…there are people who are fallible and sin will be present. God’s Word is infallible and when we stay true to God’s Word, we are transformed with the renewing of our minds, desiring unity amongst all believers and denominations. Those who believe in the Trinity(God, Jesus, and The Holy Spirit)- all bringing glory to God.

Be encouraged!



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