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Generously…Lacking Wisdom? A Powerful Offer

Generously...Lacking Wisdom? A Powerful OfferIf any of you lacks wisdom, he should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to him. (James 1:5 NIV)

Motivating Monday!

I love how this verse is sandwiched between…considering it pure joy, my brothers, whenever you face trials of many kinds and when asking for wisdom, we must believe and not doubt. Prime example of reading the entire text, there is always more to the story. It’s like often heard…The Bible is not a smorgasbord of picking and choosing what suits our fancy, yet, every word written is intentional for our good.


America is recovering. In recent years, the Right had a slight advantage in most areas, and though leftist are screaming louder with media control…more and more Americans want a President who is proving- actions speak louder than words. Jobs continue to return, unemployment lowest in years…people who desire to work are happy. It’s not about Democrat or Republican, Left or Right…there is an awakening from slumbering and false propaganda. When one side of the political party has allowed pure ignorance to be a key component, welcoming strife and seem to have every evil spirit permeating their thoughts and actions..only demise. We all need to stop and ask for God’s wisdom- He gives generously clearing any murkiness or deception.


God’s wisdom…available by asking without God finding any fault. An offer coming from God’s heart full of compassion, mercy, and grace. In midst of my refining fire years ago…more we resist, hotter the fire, God will get our attention. I remember the exact moment James 1 became known- during Sunday School. When going through refining years, working through our salvation, learning God’s Word and applying His Word to our daily life…I thought one funny verse. However, finding trials joyful can only be done…if, we grasp God’s joy within us is our strength. We definitely need God’s strength to preserver through trials, testing our faith. One of life’s first Spiritual journey’s hurdles to cross. The world is tugging, old ways lingering as God’s Word is building casting a light- overshadowing all old ways…until taken over in our minds and hearts.


As always, I ask God who He wants to encourage with each writing. Today, someone is battling a trial needing encouraged. Trust in God’s Word, ask for His wisdom and believe, avoiding doubt. Without fault…powerful words, God will give generously! Sweet! The joy of The Lord is our strength. Allow God’s Truths to permeate overtaking every ounce of world thinking. When praying, allow Him to take our thoughts to match His thoughts and understand His ways. They are so much more than we can imagine. He will always be for our good, and keeps us a step ahead of trouble.

Be encouraged!


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