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Engage and Find Out…Where God’s Paths Lead

Engage and Find Out...Where God's Paths LeadYour Word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path. (Psalm 119:105 ESV)

Motivating Monday!

Thinking back to when I returned home after college, and engaged back into church. Through my childhood, many seeds planted within were so humble, and rich beyond imagination waiting for God’s perfect time to be produced. In my college/career class-flipping through Psalms, I can remember thinking…how many chapters are in this book. We can be in church for many years, and never engage into reading and studying God’s Word.


I did learn during my childhood how to love others through service. I’ll never forget Brother and Sister Lee and their hearts to serve people, and teaching us by action and not telling. As a new pastor came…I remember learning Romans 8:28 and marking the Roman Road in a small NT Bible. I kept this Bible in my handbag for many years. All seeds…My Sunday School teachers who loved. My youth leaders after Sister Lee…Faye and Bertha. I recall all these wonderful memories…because each represents planted seeds that God is using now to expand His Word and encourage individuals around the world. Though today’s Scripture is about God’s Word being a lamp to our feet, and light to our path…if we never start with seeds sown into others…how will they ever engage to trust God’s Word?


You may be like I was…asking, “God, why am I here? Surely, this is not where you wanted me?” God did answer me…basically, my location was not to be dwelt upon, because God was indeed going to enlarge my territory. This did not happen, until…I spent years studying God’s Word in-depth…grasping with excitement, relief, understanding, realization, correction, hope, joy…there is a wealth of knowledge to gain, when surrendering our entire beings to God’s purpose, His will for our lives. How God directs our lives, will determine how our children’s lives will be directed. Will they engage into their own study of God’s Word?


If years have passed and children grown…please do not fret. I believe in God’s Sovereignty- and if we offer up to Him right now our hearts and minds, to give Him complete control of our lives…by receiving more of God’s influence, and less of the world’s. How does this happen? Take your Bible…and ask Jesus to open your mind to understand the Scriptures. The Holy Spirit will be activated in helping us understand- hearing which book to start reading. Some will say, John, some Proverbs, I began in Genesis. Each are great ideas and it’s a good idea to read Proverbs, a chapter for each day of the month. Why is this important? Because, when trusting Jesus our paths lead to amazing places, incredible people, and becomes more than we could have possibly imagined. Ready to engage and find out?

Be encouraged!

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