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Being Saved, Biblical Truth Sown in Love

Being Saved, Biblical Truth Sown in LoveFor the message of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing, but to us who are being saved is the power of God. (1 Corinthians 1:18 NIV)

Motivating Monday!

I love Paul’s honesty, he was not in Corinth to baptize, he was there to preach the gospel. He was straight forward, understanding this was not done by human wisdom, only God’s power. Being saved is an uncommon term these days. Assuming, not politically correct within many churches as more foolishness takes over. It’s sad though, the ones perishing do not realize, rejecting God’s salvation. Being saved is asking Jesus into our hearts, believing He died on the cross and rose three days, confessing Jesus is Lord. ABC- Accept, Believe, Confess. Romans 10:13- all who call on His name will be saved. 

Red Flags…

Corinth’s history is very interesting; located on major trade route, known as the town full of prostitutes, strippers, gamblers, and drug dealers. Romans made derogatory remarks concerning their lifestyles. However, Paul was able to plant one of the largest churches in the first century. Only a few years later, Paul’s letter was meant to redirect the church’s issues, as sin reentered. Churches moving forward according to God’s Will by HIs power…have to be very careful. Don’t become numb to how the enemy can nullify Truth if captured by a professing preacher who is mixing world notions with preaching truth. When world tactics are entered into sermons, jokes about alcohol and marijuana, favorite atheist authors, sermon turns out to be more about them than God’s Word…red flags are flying. Sympathetic towards culture defined injustices are really different than God’s compassion defined in the Bible.

Sympathetic or God’s Compassion?

There are similarities as the devil has full knowledge of God’s Word, enough truth to deceive, yet not the devil’s goal to help improve. God’s compassion is unconditional love, however, presenting Truth in God’s love, desiring all who accept Jesus’ calling…to be free and live an abundant life. Not lowering Jesus to our level. Though He became flesh, He remained without sin, and perfect. He is holy and righteous, sitting at God’s right hand. I’ve been thinking about this…does the world really want to enter church hearing more about the culture they live or are they entering to surrender, desiring Jesus. They need pureness of God’s power in receiving God’s love, to heal, restore, renew, transform, empower, to the point of destiny released. This does not happen overnight, yet, seeds of hope will be planted and doors opened to an exciting new path following our Spiritual journeys.

Being Saved

Thanksgiving week is upon us, we have much to be grateful. May we move forward, full of compassion, rejecting the world’s tactic, presenting Truth in love. We do not want any of our family or friends be gripped by the devil, justifying sin…which leads to death. I believe those who cheer friends and family on in their sin, will be held accountable. These are serious times, and like the Corinth Church, God is sending those who love, speaking Truth. When God’s power has been experienced once, how can anyone not want more? The message of the cross may be foolish to those who are perishing; it is the power of God to those being saved.

Be encouraged!

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