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Protection: We Need Aide, His Name is…Jesus!

Protection: We Need Aide, His Name is...Jesus!Is it not you, O God, who has rejected us and no longer go out with our armies? Give us aide against the enemy, for the help of man is worthless. With God, we will gain the victory, and He will trample down our enemies. (Psalm 60:10-12 NIV)

Forward Friday!

I’ve loved and been encouraged by all leaning on Psalm 91. I received the Spirit’s nudge to read Psalm 60. Here King David had battle on his mind. The old saying, “We’re in a world of trouble,” has never been more true. This C-Virus is impacting the entire world. I trust Jesus with my entire being- mind, body, and soul. For every promise in God’s Word, protection/healing from this virus is possible through God.

Changed Hearts…

I believe in our medical physicians, all nurses and staff. Hospitals are prepared and even being better prepared here in America. I questioned God, using today’s Scripture, not wanting to come against man’s intellect or educational training. However, a young atheist physician in Italy, writes how this one older gentlemen with his Bible, read and prayed with others…began to change their hearts. These young doctors as many around the world are seeing people die, beyond their ability to help. This was King David’s heart, a man after God’s own Heart, knew his own ability was useless when up against a major battle. The older gentlemen has died, yet, these young doctors’ are changed forever. Thank you, Jesus!


Enemies are real, the devil is constantly roaming to see who he can devour. Satan is unable to take down a strong man/woman, knowing God’s protection. They prey on weakness. That’s why when individuals along our path may hurt, bully, or scheme against…we have to acknowledge who they are and why they behave like they do? It’s not our responsibility to judge nor try to change them. This is where we pray and ask God to help us, and help them. Trusting God, we don’t have to react.


As we move forward, in days and weeks ahead, let’s call on the name of Jesus, and be saved. Has God rejected us? I hope not, and doubt He has. There are areas being hit harder than others…very interesting. We need aide against our enemy- this C-Virus, we need God’s protection, and God’s healing hand- His power and strength to fight this infection, ending all concerns. With God all things are possible- even those looking most dire, impossible. We have to watch what the words of our mouths say…when reading various reports, I don’t even mention the name of this virus in our home. We have to believe and I do believe we are already seeing good, churning from such evil. God is faithful! Let’s keep praying for all to be healed, and for our protection.

Be encouraged!

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