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Supernatural Power- All God’s, His Will Be Done

Supernatural Power- All God's, His Will Be DoneI rejoice in following your statutes as one rejoices with great riches. I meditate on your precepts and consider your ways. I delight in your decrees, I will not neglect your word. Do good to your servant, and I will live; I will obey your word. Open my eyes that I may see wonderful things in your law. (Psalm 118:14-18 NIV)

Forward Friday!

Yes, Easter weekend is here! As we celebrate Jesus’ resurrection, success in following God’s will, Jesus is Savior of the world. Why is it hard to follow God’s Word- Old and New Testament? Jesus is the ultimate example- even when hard directions are given, there is a greater good to come.


Yesterday, was spent decluttering general areas and deep cleaning. In a stack of books, my very first journal stared at me like a long lost friend. Much time was spent in prayer during early years seeking God’s Will, praying for destiny to be released. As I shared with one of my mentors, “I think I’m being called to write?” She encouraged with good wisdom for me to purchase a journal and begin writing. As I prayed, I listened, experiencing supernatural revelation, and then wrote. This journal is full of treasures. Here is one of my thoughts:

  • When God told Moses to tell the Israelites to cover their lintel(above door frame), they obeyed. If they did not obey- their first born sons would be killed. God does not speak to us for- nothing. God always desires to protect His sheep. Then why hard to obey? Why when God directs, we fail to listen?


Honest questions deserve sincere answers. How are you answering the above questions? Interesting, Psalm 118 is love poem from the author’s love of God’s law. The devil has stirred a big lie and some pastors and believers have believed this lie- that the OT is irrelevant for today. This could not be further from Truth. God inspired the entire Bible, and His Word never changes- same yesterday, today, and forever. The culture changes, God’s Word does not. As a Christian, it is most vital to learn/study God’s Word- begin reading in the Book of John.


My Bible commentary seemed to grasp our current circumstances- when life becomes frighteningly out of control- God’s Law will help us regain confidence. Yes, our world has been shaken. We are concerned with C-Virus, trying to balance healing prayers, and prayers for God’s supernatural intervention to destroy this virus, ending all concerns to disappointed seniors and many once in life time events canceled.


When the world is spinning, God’s Word brings clarity and a firm foundation. Rejoice, delight, meditate…all beautiful words…As we move forward, let’s all pray God will open eyes that we may see wonderful things in God’s law. Happy Easter! Let’s expect God’s supernatural power to wipe out this Virus Sunday for another miracle.

Be encouraged!


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