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Harvest…Plentiful and Ready for Bumper Results!

Harvest...Plentiful and Ready for Bumper Results!

Then he said to his disciples, “The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few; therefore, pray earnestly to the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into his harvest.” (Matthew 9:37,38 ESV)

Forward Friday!

Jesus preached the good news, healing the sick and diseased. Scripture states He saw the crowds. There is a difference being in a crowd and actually seeing the crowd. Being aware and using discernment to see hurts and people’s needs, like Jesus. Jesus was always a step ahead of His disciples…many times they lacked understanding, not so unlike many today. People perish due to lack of knowledge. It’s not a disgrace to lack Biblical understanding. It is a disgrace when misusing or abusing Scripture. The harvest is plentiful…we need laborers, Spiritually matured- understanding God’s Word.


Here we are in middle of September. Prayers for all hurricane, flood, and fire victims. As we head into fall, harvest time…farmers are eager for a successful production. Crops do not plant themselves, nor nurtured, or will harvest itself- no, workers were necessary. It’s good to take time and learn where all our fruits and vegetables come from, equally important for row crops, and livestock- hey, how about all our natural resources! America is blessed. Though, culture shifted, societal confusion exploded, and false narratives authored by top dems- all for power. They will go to any length to weaken America- which means…weakening Americans.

Moving Forward!

In midst of false narratives, the harvest is ready…people want to know Truth, tired of destructive forces across America. We must keep praying for God’s light to shine on all darkness. A statement made during the Bible study I attend, pierced my heart…”How did Noah feel once the ark doors were closed and the first raindrops began.” The Lord nudged me…”How about today?” An entire society wiped out- all who watched Noah build the ark. God needs laborers- who are willing to see the crowd and…care. First step…study God’s Word. He will be the light to our path, and a lamp for our feet! Let’s have a bumper harvest season!

Be encouraged!

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